Sunday, April 09, 2006

Big 12 Spring Football Review: Texas A&M

Ryan from Texas A&M & Baseball checked in to give his thoughts on the Aggies spring football camp. As other guest have done on the Big 12 reviews Ryan shares his answers to my five questions concerning the team and the upcoming season.

Big question first, is Coach Fran on the hot seat?
There is no doubt in my mind he is. I've been in his corner since he came over to Aggieland and I've said since day one that he needs the time to get the roster full of his players. This year is that time as only the 5th year players are holdovers form the R.C. era. On top of that the schedule is certainly not one of great is easily our weakest non-conference schedule we've had since I started school in '00 and we only have to leave the state twice (@Kansas & @ OkSt). Even if he goes 8-4 and possibly 9-3 he's going to be hanging on with his fingernails in the alumni's eyes. It's time to put up.

What is the biggest question that A&M needs to answer this spring?
How to stop opposing offenses. We've got a new defensive coodinator
(Gary Darnell) and hopefully the defensive players will need to adjust to his system.

What will be the biggest position battle this spring?
I would have to say the LBers simply because it is wide open with the
exception of Justin Warren. Mark Dodge Jodie Richardson, Trey Ross,
Nurahda Manning (playing in limited contact this spring due to injury), & Matt Featherston are all in the mix for the second starting spot and for the depth slots.

Who is an unknown player that will emerge as a star this spring?
I have a feeling that Devin Gregg is going to turn some heads. He
played as a true freshman last season simply because we needed depth in our defensive backfield. Coach Darnell is going to play a 4-2-5 defense and I think that Gregg will be great as that 5th guy playing a hybrid FS/LBer. There is also lots of talk by fans about Jordan Peterson, a CB who red-shirted last year.

Is Stephen McGee a lock at quarterback or will there be a qb battle this spring?
McGee is our guy without any question. After getting a sneak-peak of him after Reggie was hurt in the OU game and the texas game fans are clamoring that we've got a true leader taking the snaps.