Monday, October 26, 2009

CBS Sports BlogPoll Ballot Week 8: I’m Joining The Resistance!

Raise Your Hand If You Want To Be In The Resistance

I’m keeping Alabama at #1 this week and dropping Florida to #3 just because I don’t agree with what the SEC is doing. Both teams struggled against lesser opponents on Saturday, Bama at home against Tennessee and Florida on the road at Mississippi State. The difference was that the Tide won with the assistance of Terrence Cody blocking two field goals. Florida won with the assistance of an officiating crew who once again gave the Gators a favorable call which was also once again the wrong call. Its clearly obvious by now to everyone who isn’t a Tebow worshiper that the SEC is protecting their “cash cow” and is working to script the season, much like a WWE event, so that we see a Bama vs. Florida SEC Championship game. I’m not buying the hype nor am I adding to it. Florida is a good team and could be the best in the country but I don’t want ESPN and CBS telling me that. I want to see them go out and earn that type of respect on the field without the assistance of a biased officiating crew. Until that happens you can count me in the group of people standing against the ridiculous nonsense we’ve seen the last two weeks from the SEC. We are the resistance and we call ourselves the Anti-Tebows. Lookout Georgia, you’re next in line to get hosed by SEC officials!

I've got 12 teams on the move this week on my ballot. Arizona and Notre Dame are new this week as I said goodbye to Texas Tech and South Florida.

1 Alabama
2 Texas 1
3 Florida 1
4 Cincinnati
5 Boise State
6 Iowa
7 Southern Cal
9 Georgia Tech
10 Penn State
11 Oregon 4
12 Virginia Tech
13 Oklahoma State
14 Mississippi
15 Ohio State 1
16 TCU 2
17 Utah 2
18 Pittsburgh 2
19 Miami (Florida) 8
20 Houston 1
21 South Carolina 2
22 West Virginia 2
23 Arizona
24 Notre Dame
25 Brigham Young 8
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Texas Tech (#22), South Florida (#25).