Thursday, October 08, 2009

Three Questions About The Angels/Red Sox ALDS With Halos Heaven

As the MLB postseason marches on we have another guest with us today to share some thoughts about the playoffs. This time we’re discussing Angels/Red Sox with Rev. Halo Fan from the ever popular LA Angels fansite Halos Heaven. You can checkout all the Angels/Red Sox information and opinions (from an LA perspective of course) at Halos Heaven.

The Angels appear to have the best offense in a while, if not ever, with a major league best .285 batting average and club records for runs (883), RBIs (841) and hits (1,604). Is this the year that LA gets past Boston in the playoffs or do the Red Sox still have their number?

I think Game 1 is a must-win for the Angels. The Red Sox are, sadly, in their heads and there would be a demoralizing effect if Boston were to blow them out or have a dramatic come from behind victory Thursday. That said, the teams match up well and this could be our year!

Defensively the Angels have held David Ortiz and Mike Lowell to just a .167 batting average and 21 strikeouts. How much confidence does this give you in the Angels’ defense going into this series?

Torii Hunter is a gold-glover, Erick Aybar is a fantastic defender, Chone Figgins has now played 3B exclusively for most of 3 seasons and is superb with the glove. If anything, the Red Sox vets have been put into check by Angels pitching, it seems to be their newer members that give us fits - last year it was Bay and Drew with the big hits for example.

Is it true that Santana is moving into the bullpen for this series? How do you see that working out for the Angels?

Great move, Ervin throws hard and can stop the bleeding if there is a starter gets dumped on. He'll eat some innings and buy time for the offense to come back. HE would also do well as a set-up man in a pinch. Heck, I would take him as a closer compared to our weak Brian Fuentes in the 9th.

Prediction Time – Tell us who will win and in how many games.

Angels in 4. This is our year!

You can follow the Angels through the post season at Halos Heaven.