Sunday, October 04, 2009

Raiders May Have Reached A New Low

Maybe its age, possibly stubbornness or perhaps ignorance but Al Davis just doesn’t get the fact that the entire football world is laughing at the Oakland Raiders and has been for quite some time now. The organization has set the standard for what a losing franchise looks like, first round draft picks have been wasted on fourth round talent and the team has been a revolving door of coaches. Former players have are in line to bash the organization on everything from draft picks to team management.

However there may be a new low surfacing for an organization that has made a habit of reaching new lows. Head coach Tom Cable could be arrested at any moment for an incident in August where he assaulted one of his assistant coaches. Some sort of disagreement between Cable and assistant Randy Hanson left Hanson with a broken jaw and three other assistants as witnesses. Now there are criminal charges possibly pending and no one knows who would take over should Cable wind up in the pokey or suspended by the NFL.

“Everybody is trying to figure out who’s going to take over if Tom isn’t here,” said an assistant coach, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “John Marshall has a lot of experience, he’s probably the guy. But it’s nuts. It’s crazy when you start to really think about it.”

I say just put the old man out there and let him give coaching in today’s NFL a whack. He really couldn’t be any worse than anyone he’s thrown out there since Jon Gruden.