Monday, December 04, 2006

College Football Week 14 Thoughts

The dust has finally settled but now the arguing has begun. Did Michigan get jobbed? Should they really be punished for one loss against the best team in the country? Does winning the best conference in the country make the Florida Gators worthy?

It will never end and the greatest thing to boost this debate would be for Michigan to beat USC in the Rose Bowl and for Florida to beat Ohio State in the BCS Championship game.

Just for kicks let’s take the Top 8 of the BCS and imagine what could have been. An eight team play-off would give us the ho-hum match-up of #1 Ohio State vs. #8 Boise State in the first round but would also give us a thriller with #4 LSU vs. #5 USC. Other first round match-ups would be #2 Florida vs. #7 Wisconsin and #3 Michigan vs. #6 Louisville.

You can use your imagination for the second round and championship game but regardless you have to admit that would make for a more exciting bowl season than what we are looking at now. I believe that the BCS could be used to determine the top eight teams that make the play-offs and the seeding. There would still be controversy particularly with the teams ranked 9 and 10 but it’s a lot better than what we have now.

Which BCS Bowl Game Are You Most Excited About?
Of the four five BCS bowl games which one are you most excited about? If you could only watch one which would it be? Cast your vote in this week’s poll on the right sidebar.

USC/Michigan – Rose Bowl
LSU/Notre Dame – Sugar Bowl
Boise State/Oklahoma – Fiesta Bowl
Louisville/Wake Forest – Orange Bowl
Ohio State/Florida – BCS Championship

Is Jim Tressel a Sissy?
Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel decided to abstain from voting in the final coach’s poll of the season. Tressel claims that he was in the unique position of casting a vote for the team that his Buckeye’s would play in the BCS Championship game and didn’t feel as if he should do that.

It’s ironic that he didn’t have a problem voting at any other point this season in anonymity but when the coach’s ballots are published on the final vote of the season he abstanes.

Play of the Day
There were some big plays this weekend in college football but this one was one of my favorites. With the Sooners leading Nebraska 21-7 in the Big 12 Championship game Husker quarterback Zac Taylor found a wide open receiver in the end zone or so it appeared. That’s when Superman, Nic Harris, appeared from nowhere to snag the interception.