Monday, December 18, 2006

Basket Brawl, Again

Where do people get off saying that the NBA is full of thugs and gangster wanna be’s? Frankly I thing the assumption is rude and stereotypical. Sure commissioner David Stern had to issue a statement urging the players to keep their guns home when they left the house but everyone knows that you just can’t feel absolutely safe unless you’re packing heat.

The NBA is really just full of a bunch of misunderstood athletes who share camaraderie and mutual respect for each other. Just Saturday night the Nuggets and the Knicks got together for a friendly game of brawl…er…I mean ball.

Now the blame game begins as Isaiah Thomas is screaming poor sportsmanship by the Nuggets for running up the score. The NBA will come down with fines and suspensions today and they will be steep as the league is image conscious despite their aggressive marketing campaigns targeting the Hip-Hop crowd.

The NBA is losing control and it’s not pretty. Saturday night’s melee marked the first time that all 10 players on the court were ejected. Nuggets coach George Karl may or may not have left is starters in to intentionally run up the score to get revenge for the way the Knicks treated his buddy Larry Brown and Thomas may or may not have instructed Mardy Collins to get physical in an attempt to defend the Knicks honor but the NBA does have another black eye and that is something fans are taking notice of.

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