Sunday, September 27, 2009

BlogPoll Ballot Week Four

Four weeks into the college football season here’s what we know. Florida, Texas and Alabama are the three best teams in the country and after that it’s everyone else. The problem is in the ranking of everyone else because there is such parity that it will literally drive you insane trying to figure out who deserves to be where. Take LSU for example. Do the Tigers deserve to be #6? Well, yeah! They are 4-0 on the season and have done something that the majority of the people on this list haven’t, which is remaining undefeated. They probably deserve to be higher but truthfully I don’t think they could beat Virginia Tech or Boise State on a neutral field at this point. That’s the difficult thing here. As the season pans out this process will become easier and clearer but for now it is what it is. Feel free to tell me how you’d do it differently.

1. Florida (1)– Won 41-7 over Kentucky but the big story now is the health of Tim Tebow.

2. Texas (2)– Won a ho-hum game 64-7 over UTEP.

3. Alabama (3)– Won 35-7 over Arkansas.

4. Virginia Tech (9)– Shelled Miami 31-7. VT’s only loss is to Alabama.

5. Boise State (8)– Won 49-14 at Bowling Green.

6. LSU (6)– Late goal line stand saves the day for the Tigers. The problem is that it was against Mississippi State.

7. Cincinnati (13) – Won 28-20 against Fresno State.

8. Ohio State (14)– Won 30-0 over Illinois. The Buckeyes don’t really belong here and they did lose to USC but Washington just won’t go away.

9. Houston (NR) – Can we have two BCS Busters in `09. Who wants to see Boise State and Houston in the Fiesta Bowl? Not Tostitos!

10. Iowa (24)– Scored a big win in Happy Valley with a 21-10 win over Penn State. I’m proud to say that I had Iowa ranked last week even though they didn’t appear in last week’s BlogPoll.

11. Oklahoma (11)– IDLE

12. USC (4)– Did anyone see how pitiful Washington looked against Stanford. That’s the same Washington team that beat USC last week.

13. Penn State (4)– Upset at home by Iowa 21-10.

14. Oklahoma State (15)– Won 56-6 against Grambling.

15. Georgia (16)– Won 20-17 over Arizona State.

16. Mississippi (5)– Upset at South Carolina, 16-10

17. Kansas (19)– Won 35-28 over Southern Miss.

18. Georgia Tech (20)– Upset North Carolina 24-7

19. Oregon (21)– Upset California 42-3.

20. California (7)– Destroyed on the road at Oregon, 42-3.

21. Miami (21) – This is what I get for finally ranking Miami last week. I should have listened to reason because I knew better.

22. BYU (22)– Won 42-23 over Colorado State.

23. TCU (23)- Won 14-10 at Clemson.

24. Michigan (NR) – Survived Indiana 36-33

25. Utah (NR) – Won 30-14 over Louisville

Next Five Out…
26. Missouri

27. Auburn

28. Nebraska

29. South Carolina

30. South Florida