Saturday, September 05, 2009

Buckeyes Survive But #6 Ranking In Doubt

As the early games of college football’s opening weekend are drawing to a close we’ve already learned that one of the nation’s top 10 teams may be a bit over ranked. I put the Ohio State Buckeyes at #7 in by BlogPoll ballot and they debuted at #6 on the initial preseason poll. The AP and Coaches Polls also have the Buckeyes at #6 but anyone who watched that game without any sort of bias would tell you that’s not where Ohio State belongs.

Next week’s polls should bring a drop for the Buckeyes in the rankings if votes are based on performance and not tradition and school name. The Buckeyes were exposed a bit in the defensive secondary and lacked a killer instinct on the offensive side of the ball. The good news for OSU is that they host #3 USC (another team that I believe is ranked too high #4 AP/Coaches) at home next week and have the opportunity to jump back up in the rankings.