Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hard Knockout Life For Jose Canseco

So a former Major League Baseball player with an over inflated ego and steroid abused body thinks he can make it in the world of MMA after he masters the world of armature boxing. Well, Jose Canseco career as a fighter got off to a very rough start after he was knocked out by former Philadelphia Eagles return man Vai Sikahema in their celebrity boxing match Saturday.

The fight didn’t make it past the first round and Sikahema said that he was surprised that it actually lasted longer than 30 seconds. Sikahema showed no fear of Canseco in the ring and no respect for him out of it.

"He's a very impressive-looking guy. But the guy is a walking corpse, because he's rotted inside out. He's a pathetic figure."
Who knows maybe this will inspire Canseco to write a book about how he influenced the boxing world with steroids.