Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dolphins Trade Jason Taylor To Redskins

Who knows what the end result of the Bill Parcells era in Miami will be but I have to tell you at this point I’m not really that impressed. He didn’t necessarily do a bang up job as the head coach in Dallas and now taking over as the GM of the Dolphins you have to say that he is off to a questionable start at best. Sure it is a process and Rome wasn’t built in a day so we must be patient and watch what happens but the Roman Empire never traded off their best defensive player.

I hold to the opinion that Jason Taylor earned the right to appear on Dancing With The Stars and the only reason it was an issue is because Bill Parcells is a pompous power-hungry egomaniac. Miami was so eager to trade the 2006 NFL Defensive Player of the Year that they settled for 2nd and 6th round picks IN SEPARATE YEARS!!! The Washington Redskins stole Taylor for their 2nd round pick in `09 and 6th round in 2010. Call me crazy but I just think that is ridiculous.

Again, I’m reserving judgment until at least after one season but I’ve got to tell you I’m extremely frustrated and very unimpressed to this point.