Monday, July 14, 2008

Favre Puts Packers In No Win Situation

Brett Favre has left the Green Bay Packers hanging in the lurch more than a handful of times the past few off seasons but when the organization needed a minute to weigh their options after their former Pro-Bowl quarterback said that he now wants to un-retire it was unacceptable. Favre has held Green Bay and the Packer Backer’s hostage with his indecision about his future in the sport and now it appears that Title Town may be done with their hero and Favre done with them. He has requested to be released.

The team’s general manager, Ted Thompson, said that the team wasn’t going to release Favre, but he could come back in a “different role than he was” because the team is committed to going forward with Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback. How can you blame them? Favre had an emotional press conference back in March where he said that he was done with the game and the Packers have been game planning for Rodgers ever since. Now, on the verge of training camp opening up Favre is asking the Packers to scrap those plans to make room for him again or let him go.

How much leeway does three MVP trophies and two Super Bowl appearances get you? The Packers are in a no win situation here. If they bring Favre back and place him under center in 2008 then they are most likely going to lose their future quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. If they stick with Rodgers then he’ll be over criticized with every interception and the fans could revolt. If they trade Favre then they are guilty of trading off one of the greatest quarterbacks of the modern era.

Favre is in a tough spot as well because should he return then anything less than a Super Bowl is unacceptable and the Packers aren’t going to send him to a team like the Vikings or Bears who are only a quarterback away from being contenders. That means Favre either winds up dividing a contending team or winding up with a team that has no chance.