Monday, July 14, 2008

Get Your Bills IQ In Minutes

How financially secure is your future? If you can’t answer that question don’t worry because you are not alone. With Americans spending more money than they are making at an alarming rate we shouldn’t need Captain Obvious to come around to tell us we need to start doing a much better job at financial planning.

Many people fail to plan financially because they just don’t know where to start. Should you attempt to Consolidate debt or search for a different debt reduction plan? Finding out exactly what you do, or better yet don’t, know about financial planning is a great first step. That’s where BillsIQ comes in! By taking their simple test you can find out exactly what your IQ is. Not only that but you can also see where you stack up against others who have taken the test.

I scored an 84%, which is a B, and while it could have been worse I really had hoped it would be better considering this is my financial future we are talking about here. I found out that I’m average when it comes to my BillsIQ compared to the rest of the group. My highest score was in the category of wealth while my lowest was debt. The great thing about this site that once you have completed the test and go to check your scores you also receive some personal tips and advice for each answer you provide.