Friday, June 27, 2008

PopBandit Starting A New Trend

With online communities more and more becoming the norm the new trend is to focus on a specific niche. While some focus on sports and yet others news and politics one of the best ideas I’ve seen out there is PopBandit’s focus on the pop culture.

The concept of this site is genius and the method could not be easier. Create your profile, listing the things that you are interested in, things you want, things you hate or just things that make you laugh. Then sit back and watch PopBandit do its thing!

In no time at all you’ll begin to receive recommendations on the things you’ve listed. In the sites own words they want to be, “your personal event planner-shopper-matchmaker-coolhunter.” Find out the latest news and updates on shows you are interested in like where you can purchase Showtimes’ Weeds Season 3 DVD.

If music or movies are your interest then you can find info on new releases, videos, trailers and much more. Find out the latest on Tom Petty. Read reviews or even write your own on the latest movies like Get Smart. Shop, talk, read, interact and learn. It is all waiting for you on PopBandit. Get started!