Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boston Massacre

I wrote yesterday that the NBA Finals were going to go the way of the Boston Celtics but even I couldn’t have imagined a 39 point blowout. I suggested that a great team is better than a great player not a great team beats great player like a drum. In the aftermath many have been apologetic for Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant but there are some serious issues that should be addressed.

How does a team fall flat on its face like that in the biggest game of the season? Yes, Boston was better but 39 points better, come on. The Lakers were deemed by many as the favorites to win the championship when the Finals began but were instead spanked four games to two and didn’t live up to their end of the of the renewal of the rivalry.

The logical explanation is that the Lakers knew they were beat and they quit. That shows lack of both character and leadership. This is the highest level of competitive basketball on the face of the planet and these guys quit. There isn’t a bigger stage than the NBA Finals and L.A. was booed off of it last night.

Teams that tank in on the Finals don’t often make a habit of returning. Anyone seen the Dallas Mavericks lately? L.A. has talent and potential but they have to overcome character and leadership flaws first.