Friday, November 30, 2007

NFL Week 13 Picks

So you missed picking the Cowboys/Packers game Thursday night? That’s okay so did I. I was watching college basketball and am too cheap to dish out extra mula for NFL Network so I wasn’t even thinking about NFL football. Anyway to keep from rambling too much this is your invitation to show us how much you really know about the NFL. Join us in the forum for our weekly NFL picks contest. We play for the pride of being named the NFL guru of the week.

My Week 13 Picks
San Francisco @ Carolina - Panthers
Jacksonville @ Indianapolis - Colts
San Diego @ Kansas City - Chargers
NY Jets @ Miami - Dolphins
Detroit @ Minnesota - Vikings
Seattle @ Philadelphia - Seahawks
Atlanta @ St. Louis - Rams
Houston @ Tennessee - Titans
Buffalo @ Washington - Redskins
Cleveland @ Arizona - Browns
Denver @ Oakland - Broncos
Tampa Bay @ New Orleans - Bucs
NY Giants @ Chicago - Bears
Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh - Steelers
New England @ Baltimore - Pats