Wednesday, November 07, 2007

An Effective Solution to Sensitive Teeth

Anyone who has suffered from sensitive teeth can understand the pain and frustration from trying to eat cold foods like ice cream or drink hot drinks like coffee, hot chocolate or tea.

In past experiences I’ve dealt with my own sensitive teeth problems with numbing gels that make my entire mouth go numb and leaves a horrible after taste. That’s a lot of trouble for just a few minutes of relief but I didn’t know of another solution until now.

Biotene is a new product that provides lasting relief as well as acts as a long term solution to the sensitive teeth problem. After using it for only a few days I have noticed a significant difference in the way my teeth feel. I’m able to drink iced tea with no complications or pain and last night I even ate a bowl of ice cream.

Unlike other sensitive toothpaste products Biotene doesn’t mask the problem but rather provides a solution for tooth sensitivity by fighting dry mouth. Biotene's advanced Enzyme LP3 Complex provides relief for dry mouth which eliminates many of the factors that lead to bleeding gums and sensitive teeth.

Since I began using Biotene twice daily my mouth has not only felt moist and fresh by my sensitivity to cold products has decreased greatly.