Friday, November 09, 2007

How It’s Supposed to Work

I launched My Opinion on Sports in April of 2005 to give sports fans a platform to share their opinions on the things that they love and hate in the world of sports. Since then we’ve expanded to sport specific blogs that cover the NFL, MLB, NCAA football, NASCAR, and most recently NCAA basketball. We try our best to crank out at least one post a week on each blog and comments are not only welcome but encouraged.

We’ve even put up a message board where you, the sports fan, can post your own thoughts on the topics you are interested in that we’re not talking about yet.

So, if you’ve got an opinion we want to hear it! Write something up for one of the blogs and submit it to me. Start a thread on the message board or just share a comment on one of the posts. This is your site for your opinions. You know that you’ve got one so why not share it with us?

All of blogs are designed to be fan driven. You're the fan so drive them!