Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Three Questions about the Angels and Red Sox

The MLB Playoffs are under way today and one of the more interesting match-ups is the Boston Red Sox against the LA Angels. To give us a little insight of the series Randy Booth from Over the Monster and Rev Halofan from Halos Heaven are here to answer three questions, actually four with their predictions, about the series. Thanks for your time fellas!

1. Boston is sitting Tim Wakefield for this series but the Red Sox still have the edge in pitching. Agree or disagree?

Rev Halofan:
Disagree. Beckett and Lackey are even, Escobar is a little better than Dice-Kand Weaver is better than Schilling.

Randy Booth: Tim Wakefield, even if he was on the roster, wouldn't have made a huge impact on this series. I refer to Wakefield as "Russian roulette every fifth day." No one ever knows if he's going to pitch like a bum or like a future Hall of Famer. I still think the Red Sox have the edge pitching, especially since Bartolo Colon is out for the Angels. I think John Lackey is an amazing pitcher, but I don't think the Angels' pitching staff can hold its weight against the likes of Josh Beckett, Curt Schilling and Daisuke Matsuzaka. When it comes to the bullpen, K-Rod and Jonathan Papelbon are the future Trevor Hoffmans and Mariano Riveras of the world, so it's hard to make a decision there. I'm bias, though, so let's say "The Mad Dancer" Paps.

2. Which batting lineup is more lethal, Angels or Red Sox?

Rev Halofan:
Boston is more lethal as a power-hitting team, Angels are morelethal as a get-on-base and bug the crapola out of the defense andpitcher running hard and creating opportunities.

Randy Booth: This question, I believe, cannot be answered. The Angels have the speed and the batting average while the Red Sox have the power and the on-base ability. I'm literally scared of the Angels' speed, though. They are talented on the base paths and can essentially win games by turning singles into triples after two pitches.

3. Who is better, Vladimir Guerrero or David Ortiz, why?
Rev Halofan: Vlad. Big Poopy is one-dimensional. Vlad can hit a curve at hisshoulders for an opposite field homerun. He can shorten his swing withmen on base and drive them all in. Pitching around him has to prettymuch be intentional - bad balls go farther than heat in the middleever will...

Randy Booth: Shoot me, I'm a Sox fan, but I'm saying David Ortiz here. Vladimir Guerrero has an amazing talent to hit a baseball -- anywhere -- but he still has a hole in his swing, and that's for pitches in the dirt ... or in the stands ... or hitting the mascot on the dugout. He swings at anything and that could really hurt him in a clutch at-bat. I will admit that it takes a lot to really make him look foolish, but it can be done. I just think Ortiz doesn't have a hole like that and has the edge in power and clutch-o-sity. Yeah, I like that word.

4. Who is going to win the series?

Rev Halofan:
Angels in 4

Randy Booth: I want to say Sox in four games. Beckett and Dice-K win, but Schilling's start will end in a loss. Sox will win the next time out.

This is going to be a fun series to watch and I believe the winner will represent the American League in the World Series. Make sure to follow all the action as well as detailed analysis and details on both of these teams at Over the Monster and Halos Heaven. If you are a fan of the teams keep an eye out for their open game threads.