Thursday, October 11, 2007

Three ALCS Questions for the Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox are the American League favorites to reach the World Series so we thought we’d take a few minutes to ask Randy Booth from Over the Monster some quick questions about the ALCS.

1. To me it looks like a mismatch on paper in favor of the Red Sox. Tell me why I'm wrong.

You're wrong because of a couple of guys named Sabathia and Carmona.You need two great pitchers to win a 7-game series. The Indians have that. As long as Sabathia and Carmona pitch to their potential and just get a little offense behind them, they can win the series.

2. You can take one player off of your opponents roster, who do you take?

Sabathia. No doubt. He'd be a fantastic left-handed starter to slide into the middle of the rotation.

3. For the Indians to win this series they are going to have to hit both Beckett and Schilling. True or False? Explain.

They're going to have to hit at least one because after 6 games, they would have faced both pitchers twice. The Indians can't just beat up on Dice-K and Wake and win the series. It can't happen that way. Someone has to crack for the Indians to head to the World Series.

4. Give us a series prediction.

Sox in 5 or 6. No more, no less.

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