Saturday, September 01, 2007

Buster’s Best

I know college football games began Thursday night but its not official to me until I get to see ESPN Game Day, the Oklahoma Sooners play and, oh yeah, Buster makes his picks.

Because I’m tired of always losing to a kid who is now 11 and not wanting to take the time to explain point spreads to him we’ll both just be picking games straight up this season. Yes, I do realize that means that I’m stooping to a 6th graders level.

Here we go with our game selections this week.

North Texas/OU – The Sooners are 6-0 against the Mean Green and have scored exactly 37 points the last three times they have played them. Buster and I are agreed that there is no way that the Sooners lose this one.

Buster: OU - Dad: OU

Oklahoma State/Georgia – Give the Cowboys credit for actually stepping up the level of competition right out of the gate. Unfortunately they’ll start the season 0-1.

Buster: Georgia - Dad: Georgia

Tennessee/California – It’s a match up between the nation’s top conference and one of the most overrated conference’s in the country. Could this game tell us which is which?

Buster: Cal – Dad: Tenn

Florida State/Clemson – Bowden Bowl! Forget the point spread. What are the odds of both coaches being out of a job at the end of the season?
Buster: Florida State – Dad: Clemson

Colorado State/Colorado – Colorado was absolutely awful last season but then again Colorado State wasn’t much better. This could be an ugly game.
Buster: Colorado – Dad: Colorado State