Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blog Poll Still Differs From AP – My Defense of Nebraska

The latest version of the BlogPoll released today and the bloggers still show that they have better insight to the world of college football than the AP voters. Our #1 spot goes to LSU rather than USC (by a narrow margin) based on the simple logic that the Baton Rouge Boys have been the most impressive team in the country so far.

Collectively the bloggers have taken note that the Texas Longhorns and Wisconsin Badgers have been playing like dogs and not like top tier teams. For that reason the bloggers put them at #9 and #12 respectively instead of #7 and #9 in the AP.

On the same note we have noticed the lightening in a bottle starts of Oregon and Boston College and rank them #10 and #13, respectively, rather than the #11 and #14 rankings of the AP.

Another team we take issue on is the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors. While wanting to give them their due as a team deserving of being ranked we aren’t anxious to anoint them as the next Boise State just yet. Therefore we place them at #24 this week which is five spots behind their #24 AP ranking.

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