Monday, August 27, 2007

Buster Makes His Football Debut

Buster played his first Jr. High football game Friday night! He is one of the two quarterbacks on the team (they rotate on each possession) and also the starting left side cornerback on defense as well as special teams.

On his second possession at quarterback he led his team to a touchdown and he made some very solid plays on defense including a solo tackle that prevented the other team from getting a first down.

They are a run oriented team so he only got to throw two passes but they were both completed for a combined 40 yards and he also ran once for about two and a half yards. In all he was very solid on defense and had no turnovers on offense. He was very nervous going into the game about getting the pitch-out to the tailback right and he ran it to perfection.

Anyway, just a proud dad bragging on his son.

Buster will be with us later on in the week for our football picks.