Thursday, August 23, 2007

AFC West Preview

Projected Finish
San Diego Chargers 13-3
Denver Broncos 9-7
Kansas City Chiefs 7-9
Oakland Raiders 4-12

Denver Broncos
Offensive Strength:
Running back – The Broncos have a reputation of producing solid running backs and even allowing guys to play above their ability. So don’t expect anything to change this year in Denver’s backfield.

The addition of Travis Henry will give the Broncos power stability they didn’t have with Tatum Bell. Mike Bell will be a steady replacement but lacks Henry’s speed.

Offensive Weakness: Line – I know how ridiculous that sounds because just as Denver has a reputation for producing runners they also have a reputation for cranking out All-Pro offensive lineman.

The problem is that even though they are still a solid unit they suffered injury problems last season which limited offensive productivity. While Denver made strides to improve depth during the off-season but most of it is young and unproven.

Defensive Strength: Secondary – The tragic death of Darrent Williams was a crushing blow to the Broncos secondary. Dre’ Bly was brought in to replace Williams and while Bly gives way a little in age to the deceased Williams he doesn’t give up much in the way of talent.

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