Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Blog Poll Is Back!

It’s time once again for us college football bloggers to start ranking the teams. That means its time once again for us to call upon you for a little help! Our initial poll is due by the 22nd but I can tell you on the 15th that it’s a crapshoot so I’ll throw out the following. Let me know where I’m wrong.

The initial pre-season poll is due by the 29th so any suggestions are welcomed but you have to make a strong case.

After the season starts my Top 10 will appear here on My Opinion on Sports and my full Top 25 will be posted at The BCS Mess.

1Southern Cal 25
2LSU 24
3Michigan 23
4Florida 22
5West Virginia 21
6Wisconsin 20
7Ohio State 19
8Virginia Tech 18
9California 17
10Georgia 16

Complete Top 25