Wednesday, June 27, 2007

600 or 3,000?

Sammy Sosa just passed the 600 homerun barrier and Ken Griffey Jr. is knocking on the door of the 600 club. Meanwhile there is another barrier that is about to be broken this season that is a milestone not many MLB players reach as well. Houston Astros’ second baseman Craig Biggio is just three hits shy of 3,000 a mark he will surely hit in the next week or so.

Baseball players are defined by their accomplishments. Whenever a professional player meets up with fans they are bombarded with questions like, “How many homeruns did you hit? How many hits do you have?” There aren’t many who can reply back with, “I hit over 600 homeruns” or “I hit the ball over 3,000 times.”

In fact, Griffey will be only the sixth player to enter the 600 club while Biggio will become the 27th member of the 3,000 hit club. Both are accomplishments that have obviously taken years of productivity to achieve which begs the question, “Which accomplishment is more difficult to achieve?”

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