Sunday, June 18, 2006

Q&A With The Voice of the Sooners

I had the opportunity to do a Sooner football Q&A with the “Voice of the Sooners” Mr. Bob Barry Sr. who called Oklahoma football and basketball games from 1961-1972 and then rejoined the Sooner broadcast team in 1991 and has become a legend in sports broadcasting .

Thank you, Mr. Barry for taking the time to drop in and talk Sooner football with us.

My Opinion on Sports: A few publications have the Sooners tabbed as the #1 team in the country and Athlon picked them to win the national championship. How do you feel about that?

Bob Barry: Publications are published to sell copies. Realizing that, Athlon has a reputation in my mind and that of others of being rather sensational. Also they try to get out their prediction first each year. I take their prediction as a compliment of coach Stoops and the entire OU football program. I think the Sooners have a shot at a National Title but to pick them pre-season as #1 is a bit shaky. They are top 10 without a doubt.

My Opinion on Sports: The main criticism I have heard about the 06 Sooner team is the offensive line. I think this unit is more experienced than the one that started last season and will make the offense more potent than in 05.

Bob Barry: My opinion about the offensive line comes from Coach Merv Johnson who is a former long-time great offensive line coach. He feels that the offensive line has potential to be excellent. The down-side is lack of depth, but because of that lack of depth, the offensive lineman got extra work during spring drills so they will be ready.

My Opinion on Sports: Share your thoughts on new offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson. How will he be different from Chuck Long?

Bob Barry: I think Kevin Wilson did a great job calling plays in the Holiday Bowl win over Oregon. Especially in the later stages of the game he made crucial calls that kept the offense going. I think he has a knack for what plays to call. His style in my mind is that he is a bit more of a chess player than coach Long was; in reference to letting one play set up another.

My Opinion on Sports: Looking at OU’s schedule, if you weren’t the Voice of the Sooners and could only attend one game this season which one would it be and why?

Bob Barry: That is easy. Texas this year...any year! OU/Texas is the high point of the regular season for me. Texas is nearly always loaded with talent and the Sooners have so many Texas players on their squad it is a great great battle every year. I love the game being played in the Cotton Bowl during the Fair.

My Opinion on Sports: Barring injury will Adrian Peterson win the Heisman Trophy?

Bob Barry: There is little doubt Adrian Peterson goes into the pre-season as the Heisman favorite. If he does what we all think he will, he has a great chance to win it. Of course an injury would change the odds.

My Opinion on Sports: Care to make your own prediction on the 06 Oklahoma season?

Bob Barry: I think the Sooners will win the Big XII and have a chance to play for the national title. Early non-conference games at Oregon and against Washington are important tests. The Sooners will learn a lot about themselves in those games.

My Opinion on Sports: In addition to the football team you are also the voice of the men?s basketball team. What are your initial thoughts on new men's basketball coach Jeff Capel?

Bob Barry: I have not visited with coach Capel more than about 5-minutes when he was first named. He has so much to do in these early months since he was named. I don't want to bother him until he gets all of his personal and business taken care of. As the season nears I will contact him and hope to get to be friends with him. All I have heard from those who have worked with him is very positive. Easy to work with and a fine man.