Saturday, June 24, 2006

Blog Poll Round Table – Hypothetical Edition

I’m going to make my own attempt at a Blog Poll Round Table discussion. This is based on a hypothetical situation where you are the athletic director at your favorite school with the power to do anything you want. Here we go!

1. College Football brought up and interesting point on their site. If you are an athletic director in search of a new football coach, who makes your shortlist?

Here’s my short list;

Rich Rodriguez, West Virginia – Rodriguez has a good thing going in Morgantown and I think things will continue to get better.
Mack Brown, Texas – May be the best recruiter in the country and no has the championship monkey off his back.
Urban Meyer, Florida – One of the brightest young minds in all of college football.
Bob Stoops, Oklahoma – Stoops brought the OU football program back from the dead, winning the national championship in just his second year. Since taking over the Sooner sideline in 1999 he has guided Oklahoma to four Big 12 Championship games, including three in a row (02-04), and three BCS Championship games.

2. On the flipside, if you had the ability to hand select the guy to coach your rival as they play your beloved team this fall who would it be?

Until last season I really didn’t mind seeing Mack Brown stroll the sidelines for the Texas Longhorns but it seems as if his coaching skills have finally caught up with his recruiting so let’s move to most over-rated coach in the Big 12, in my opinion, Dennis Franchione of Texas A&M.

Since coming to Aggie Land in 2003 Franchione has not had a winning season and has not beaten Oklahoma.

3. If your team were to leave the conference they play in which BCS conference would you put them in for immediate success and where would you put them for quality competition?

Oklahoma has faired pretty well in the Big 12 but if they were to leave the conference I would put them in the Big East for immediate success. West Virginia has become king of the watered down conference because of their team speed in a slower than molasses conference and I think OU could have the same success.

For quality competition it would have to be the SEC. I know that Tennessee was down last season but Florida, Auburn and LSU will all be very good this coming season and will boost the SEC as the best conference in America.

4. If you could take any one player from any team in America and put them on your team who would it be?

Auburn senior offensive guard Tim Duckworth! The Sooner offensive line will be improved from last season but I would take Duckworth’s leadership and experience in a heartbeat and add him to the OU line.

5. Which current starter would you be willing to give up for your newly acquired player?

Former starting quarterback now receiver Paul Thompson. He has great speed and his hands are under-rated but with the depth and talent that OU has at receiver he wouldn’t be missed and would definitely be worth trading off for a guy like Duckworth.