Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Matchups Will Decide Who Wins the Finals

I guess it’s a huge understatement to say that matchups are going to be the key in the NBA finals, but there are so many good matchups here that we have to talk about them. They will tell the story of how the 2005 World Championship will be won.

Nazr Mohammad vs. Ben Wallace - Ben Wallace will actually spend more time defending Tim Duncan than he will defending Mohammad. Look for Mohammad to get some second chance opportunities if the Pistons double team Duncan. Mohammad will have to score point blank because he is no good beyond 6-8 feet. Look for the Spurs to foul Wallace and make him earn points from the free throw line. CENTER MATCHUP EDGE: Detroit Pistons.

Tim Duncan vs. Rasheed Wallace - Duncan wins this battle hands down, even though I don’t see these two guarding each other very much. Duncan should be able to play his typical game using the glass and making solid passes. Wallace will have to keep his attitude in check and play his inside/outside game or he will be a liability. POWER FORWARD MATCHUP EDGE: San Antonio Spurs

Bruce Bowen vs. Tayshaun Prince. Both of these guys will be used to guard the shooting guard of the other team. Both are solid on defense, but Prince has a better offensive game. However, don’t leave Bowen alone beyond the arch or he will make you pay. SMALL FORWARD MATCHUP EDGE: Detroit Pistons

Manu Ginobili vs. Richard Hamilton. These guys are two of the leagues most underrated players at their position. Ginobili is more of a slasher and has a better three point shot. Hamilton is more of a creator who can make a shot from anywhere. I don’t see Ginobili getting open lanes and open threes like he did against Phoenix. On the other hand Hamilton has been playing against the Heat who has a very stingy defense. SHOOTING GUARD MATCHUP EDGE: Detroit Pistons.

Tony Parker vs. Chauncey Billups. Parker is quicker but Billups is more consistent. Parker usually gets off to a quick start and then tapers off, while Billups will take what the defense gives him. He will pass the ball first but he is aslo not afraid to take the big shot when the opportunity comes. POINT GUARD MATCHUP EDGE: Detroit Pistons.

Benches. The Spurs bench has more offensive fire power while the Pistons bench has the stronger defenders. BENCH MATCHUP EDGE: Detroit Pistons

Greg Popovich vs. Larry Brown. These two best friends know each other inside out. They know each others strengths and weaknesses and they know what the other is going to do. One will have to out whit the other. COACHING MATCHUP EDGE: Even.

In my opinion I believe that the matchups favor the Pistons. It will come down to Larry Brown making the right coaching moves and I say that he gets it done. The series will last six games max with the Detroit Pistons winning.