Sunday, June 05, 2005

5 Reasons Why the Pistons Win Game 7

The Pistons and Heat will settle the Eastern Conference Finals tonight. One team will go home while the other will go to San Antonio to face the Spurs. I have five good reasons to believe that it's the Pistons who will be moving on and the Heat who will be wondering what if.

5. Experience - The Pistons are the defending World Champions and the Heat have never been to the NBA Finals. Experience will play a huge role in handleing the pressure of game seven. The Pistons have it and the Heat don't.

4. Coaching - I think that if Stan VanGundy had to chose between himself and Larry Brown he would choose Larry Brown. Brown is a proven coach who has won every where he has been. VanGundy has gotten by on Shaq and Wade. They can make mediocre coaching look great. Brown even coached the Clippers to the play-offs. I'll take Brown.

3. Age - The play-offs are long and youth goes far. O'Neal and Mourning have been great but you have to begin to wonder at what point will they "hit the wall." I'll take the youth of the Pistons.

2. Chauncey Billups - He is the calming force that drives the Pistons. His leadership and ball handling will guide the Pistons to San Antonio.

1. Dwayne Wade - I know he plays for the Heat, but they fell apart without him in game six. With Shaq still hobbled, Wade will have to return 100% for the Heat to have a chance to win. I don't see that happening.