Saturday, June 18, 2005

College Football Play-Off Fantasy

I'm a huge fan of college football. Like millions of other people I spend a ton of money every year buying tickets and attending games. Like them, I deserve better. We deserve to not have a split national championship. We deserve to not have three teams end the season undefeated. We deserve to know what would happen if USC and Auburn played each other. We deserve a play-off!

It's a simple concept really. The NCAA already does it in basketball, baseball and in the lower divisions of football. Why not in division I? We don't even need 16 teams, we could do it with eight and it would work fine. Take the eight teams that qualify for a BCS bowl, seed them and let the fun begin. It would take two to three longer and it would add billions in revenue and television contracts.

Just for kicks let's take the eight BCS teams from last season and look at what could have happened. Here is how they would have been seeded according to me.
1. USC
2. OU
3. Auburn
4. Texas
5. Virginia Tech
6. Michigan
7. Utah
8. Pittsburgh

(1)USC vs. (8)Pitt. in the Rose Bowl. This would be a classic mismatch and our play-offs would have their first blow-out. USC 49 Pitt 7

(2)OU vs. (7)Utah in the Orange Bowl. A great game but Utah just doesn't have the talent to pull off the upset. OU 27 Utah 14.

(3)Auburn vs. (6)Michigan in the Sugar Bowl. Braylen Edwards out matches Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams in a classic. Michigan 28 Auburn 24.

(4)Texas vs. (5)Virginia Tech in the Fiesta Bowl. In a low scoring game Texas bounces the Hokies. Texas 9 Virginia Tech 3.

Round 2 brings us great match-ups in the "bonus bowls". These games could become new bowl games or they could use different bowls like the Cotton and Holiday for round one. We are just going to call them bonus bowls.

(1)USC vs. (6)Michigan - The Trojans have too much firepower and the Michigan defense is exposed. USC 31 Michigan 17.

(2)OU vs. (4) Texas - It's the Red River Shoot Out in a new setting, but with the same coaches. With the hate these two teams have for each other, imagine how exciting this would be. OU 17 Texas 3

We are out of bowl games, but we really don't need another one. Just call it the BCS Championship, seriously how much creativity went into naming the Super Bowl?

(1)USC vs. (2) OU - The Sooners get off to a good start, but then Mark Bradley muffs a punt, Jason White throws some picks and the Trojan receivers make some great catches and the game quickly becomes a blow-out. USC 55 OU 19

In the end we wind up in the same place with the Trojans winning the National Championship, but look at how much fun we had getting there. I doubt there will ever be a play-off in Division I football, but we can always dream.

Give me your thoughts. Do you think eight teams are enough? Would a play-off even work? Which two teams out of the eight do you think would make it to the championship?