Friday, August 29, 2008

Busters Best

Buster continues to grow faster than any father would like for his son to. He is in the 7th grade and plays quarterback for the junior high football team. Of course just like any 7th grader he thinks that he knows everything including the world of sports.

Based on that we bring you, once again, Busters Best where we look at five football games each week and go head to head with picks. Buster picks the games and the winners and I’ll agree or disagree. Here we go for week one.

Missouri vs. Illinois – There isn’t a better game in college football this week than this one. Two high profile quarterbacks going at each other and two teams that have very high expectations. It should be a lot of fun to watch.

Buster likes the Missouri Tigers to win and I am right there with him.

Alabama at Clemson – The Tigers are the pick of the ACC and Alabama is ranked in the Top 25…well…because they are Alabama. Buster and I are splitting on this one. He likes the Tide to pull off the upset and I think that it will be the Tigers who roll.

Tennessee at UCLA – Monday Night Football with a college twist, you gotta love it! Tennessee was a bad pass away from winning the SEC last year despite the problems they had. UCLA is already suffering from injuries and the season hasn’t even started yet. For that reason Buster and I are both going with the Volunteers to win on the road.

USC at Virginia – You have no idea how close I was to picking UVA to pull the upset here. USC is always loaded with talent but this year they lack experience. For this reason I think that they will struggle to a victory on the road while Buster believes that they are just going to pound the Cavilers.

Oklahoma State vs. Washington State – Buster and I are split on this one as well. He likes the Cougars to win in Seattle but I don’t have enough respect for the Pac 10 to pick one of their bottom teams over a mid-level Big 12 team. I’ll take the Cowboys.