Friday, January 04, 2008

Seattle Seahawks Wild Card Q&A With Field Gulls

With the NFL playoffs set to start on Saturday we’re doing our best to bring you great coverage on key match-ups and players from some of the best bloggers on the net. Joining us today is Seattle Seahawks blog Field Gulls.

Seattle will get the NFL playoffs rolling on Saturday by hosting the Washington Redskins, who may be the hottest team in the NFC. The writer of Field Gulls shares some insight with us on the Seahawks and their match-up with the Skins.

Do you have any fear that division strength is going to hurt Seattle's chances for a playoff run?

FG - I think you mean, am I afraid that Seattle is not a real contender because they fattened up in a weak division? Not really. They stomped the guts out of a number of NFL teams, many bad, but there's no such thing as an Oberlin in the NFL. Even bad NFL teams are relatively strong. There's no proof that a team has to beat quality opposition to be a playoff contender. Now, I don't think they will win the NFC - they might. And I highly, highly doubt they'll win the Super Bowl. Beating New England would be among the all time upsets in history. I fully expect a triple digit positive playoff point differential for the Pats. 103. 109.

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