Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Internet Can Make You a Star

Who hasn’t seen the video of the young man in his room pretending to be fighting an imaginary foe with a broom stick as a light saber? How about the countless videos shown of guys wiping out on skate boards, motorcycles and other extreme sport stunts? With the rise of internet video we have the opportunity to be entertained in our homes, offices or wherever there’s a computer and any hour of the day. It’s really like you have the production controls for any one of the funny home videos shows. 91

Now, thanks to YawpBox, you can be a star by submitting created content online that could be used in a television show. YawpBoxTV will be the first television show where the content is completely generated by the users of a social networking site. Basically you submit it and the world will see it. 52

We love to see ordinary people do things that make us laugh, cringe and wonder how in the world they did that. The reason why is because we, being ordinary people ourselves, identify with the people we see in the videos making it all the more entertaining. 57

Lex and Terry have set out a challenge to the nation to create specific user generated with the specific purpose of broadcasting it to the nation. You can check out their categories under the Lex & Terry challenge section at