Thursday, August 25, 2005

Life According to Ricky

Ricky Williams is back in the NFL after a one year lay off and not only has he lost weight he has also gained new perspective in life. You'll be amazed to hear his responses to a recient media interview, where he spent 15 minutes talking about everything you really don't care to know. Meet the new Ricky Williams.

• He said he doesn't miss marijuana. "I can't do that anymore. I get tested twice a week."
• He owes the Dolphins $8.6 million for breaching his contract by retiring last year, but said he doesn't know his financial situation. "I have no idea. The way I live my life, if I have a place to stay and I have food on the table, I'm not broke."
• He said he doesn't think about the war in Iraq and won't join the military. "There's a war outside, but I think there's also a war inside all of us. When you talk about world peace and people doing all these things for peace, and they want peace and want to be treated fairly, I think it really starts with yourself and looking for the peace inside yourself. When each of us can do that, then the peace spreads outward."
• He said he's not having fun since returning to football, but doesn't mind. "You look across from fun and you see work. The fun is the result of hard work. If you work hard you get to the fun. & The process of coming to work every day gives me more and more freedom."
• Teammates tease him about his scruffy beard, saying he looks homeless, but he sees no reason to shave. "Some people have a job, some people's wives don't like it, some people are uncomfortable with it. But I don't have a reason to shave."
• His first tattoo was Mighty Mouse in green and gold, his San Diego high school's colors. "I was at Venice Beach with my girlfriend at the time, and I said it would be cool to get a tattoo. The way I look at them, they're somewhat of a map. You see a tattoo, and you think back to a time in your life."