Monday, August 15, 2005

College Football Q&A with Bruce Feldman of ESPN

I had the opportunity to interview Bruce Feldman, college football writer for ESPN, and get his answer to five questions for the upcoming college football season. Here is my Q&A with him.

1. Q: You predicted that Oklahoma was heading, “for a dip like Miami has had the past two years.” What do you see the Sooners doing in conference this season and where do you think their strength and weakness will be as a team?

A: I think losing White and the leadership of a veteran guy like that is tough to measure...I think the secondary is still a question and I think some of the Big 12 south has caught up a little (particularly A&M)..When I said a "dip" I meant they'd go from being a top 3 team to being around the 9-12 area this year.

2. Q: Other than USC give us three teams that you think can win the Rose Bowl.

A: Michigan, Tennessee and Miami/Va. Tech (I think the winner of that game in Blacksburg probably plays USC)

3. Q: Who are your top five Heisman candidates?

A: Leinart, Peterson, Bush, Leak and V.Y. (Vince Young) over DeAngelo.

4. Q: Do you think we will ever see a college football play-off? Why/Why not?

A: No the college presidents are too against it and the bowl people who sit on many college boards have too much power.

5. Q: What team do you think has the best chance to be a BCS buster like Utah was last season?

A: Louisville is a good dark horse, but since they're now in a BCS conference I can't give you them, so I'll say Fresno State. If they win at USC they'd have a good argument.

Bonus Question: Have you been to My Opinion on Sports?

A: Yeah, I've been to your site. I think you have Louisville too low at 17, they should be like, 10 places higher