Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bye Bye Barry

Baseball season is in full swing and three things appear to be evident:
1. The Kansas City Royals are the worst team in baseball.
2. The Chicago White Sox are playing the best baseball right now.
3. Barry Bonds' career seems to be over.

We've already talked about #1, and #2 is a story for another day, so let's talk about #3. Bonds has failed to play in a single game this season and it's likely that he won't. With all the accusations about steroids and the BALCO case in the public eye, bonds has been under scrutiny for over a year now. However, it's a knee injury that is keeping him off the field, or is it?

Could it be that Bonds knows that he will not be able to pass a drug test under the new MLB rules? Is it possible that Bonds knows that he will not be able to perform at the same level without the help of steroids? Or, is Bonds really hurt? Either way I think the home run king's career has ended.

If it is a drug issue then Bond's would return smaller and with less power. Getting off the juice makes you a different player. Look at Jason Giambi in New York. He was a product of steroids and is now trying to perform at the same level without them. There is a definite night and day difference in his play. Bonds knows that his performance would be just as different if he tried to play without the aide of his secret muscle building formula. He is not known as one of the most humble men and in my opinion he is not about to return as a sub-par player.

OK, let's give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he really is suffering from a knee injury and that is all. His age becomes a huge factor in the recovery and Bonds has moved well beyond the age of his prime. He is at the age where the body begins to break down and doesn't heal the way it used to. It's possible that Bonds just physically can't come back and play.

Believe what you want and have your opinion on the situation, the fact remains that Bonds has not stepped into the batter's box this season and most likely never will again.

Agree or disagree? Post you opinion below.