Wednesday, May 11, 2005

About My Opinion on Sports

Welcome to my opinion on sports. This is a blog-spot devoted to sports opinions. Everyday (Mon-Fri) I will post an opinion about something in the world of sports with the desire to know what your thoughts are. You can agree or disagree, but we want to know your opinion. If you like this site tell your friends about it and get some good banter going back and forth on your various opinions. If you don't like this site, then wait until you do, and then tell your friends and get the banter going. The only rules are that you keep it clean and you keep it about sports.

How do I post a comment?
It's easy, after you have read my opinion just click on the comment box and let me know how much you agree or disagree with me or another posting. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BECOME A MEMBER TO POST! Just type out your thoughts and click the anonymous box and then publish. Your posting will appear almost immediately.

How can I contribute to MY Opinion on Sports?
Well, by telling everyone you know about us and posting your opinion regularly. If you find the opinions I post daily to be entertaining and you enjoy the site you can leave a tip in the tip jar. Tips are optional and can be made with PayPal by clicking on the donate icon. That will take you directly to the tip jar, where you can leave a personal message for me as well.
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Where is the best place to start the banter?
If you want to post your opinions about things other than what I have written about then go directly to the CHATTER BOX. This is an open forum where you can post your thoughts about anything in the sports world, regardless if we have written about it or not. Keep it clean and keep it about sports. A new CHATTER BOX will begin every week.

Thanks again for using My Opinion on Sports as your platform to share your opinions on the sports world. Happy posting.