Monday, February 11, 2008

Capture Light In the Box

Are you trying to make money on the internet through an online store? The key is finding a wholesaler that has great prices and the ability to drop ship. Regardless if you are running an online store or selling items in E-Bay the website Light in the Box is what you are looking for. They offer great prices on thousands of products and best of all they drop ship wholesale.

The key for Light in the Box is China Wholesale. Like hundreds of other wholesale retailers their site is easy to find and navigate but there is no charge for membership. Simply browse products by category or run a key word search. Once you find the product that you are looking for purchase and shipping are just a click away.

Just by taking a glance at their home page you will see dozens of special offers, sales and new products. All of that is before you click on a category or use a key word search leading you to thousands of products. To me one of the best things about Light in the Box is that one of their payment methods is PayPal. That means I don’t have to enter my credit card information. However, if you are a credit card shopper they accept most major brands.