Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sooners Set to Break NFL Draft Record

Bob Stoops has coached six seasons at the University of Oklahoma and is already a legend. In such a short time his Sooners have played in four Big Twelve Championship games, winning three, and three BCS Championship games winning one. He has coached one Heisman winner with two runner-ups and several other prestigious award winners. However, this weekend Stoops is getting ready to do something he has never done, stock the NFL draft.
With as many as fourteen players who could go in the draft on Saturday and Sunday the Sooners could set a new record for the number of players selected from the same university during a seven round draft.
After falling into obscurity in the 90’s, Stoops has once again turned the Sooners into a national power. They are the Crown Jewel of the Big Twelve and the pride of the state of Oklahoma. Even after falling short in back to back BCS title games, current and former players are treated like god’s as they make their autograph tours of the Sooner state.
NFL execs should have their thank you cards ready to send to Bob Stoops for the talent he is about to send their way. Guys who are proven winners, guys like 2003 Heisman Trophy winner Jason White who recovered from two knee surgeries to lead the Sooners to a 24-3 record in his two full seasons as quarterback. Guys like Jammal Brown who takes pride in punishing opponents with the bone crunching blocks he delivers from the offensive line. And guys like Mark Clayton who wrote the record book for receiving at OU.
This years draft is loaded with talent and many teams are looking to fill holes in their rosters. No doubt the 2005 draft class from OU will be big, I just hope they can impact the NFL the same way they did the college football world.