Thursday, April 28, 2005

NBA Play-Off Update

Every NBA play-off series has played two games and there have been a few surprises and a few, “told you so.” Let’s compare what My Opinion on sports predicted with what has actually happened so far.

PREDICTION: The Miami Heat will beat the New Jersey Nets.
REALITY: The Heat have a 2-0 lead on the Nets and very well could extend it to 3-0 tonight, New Jersey has been totally out manned in this series. Look for the Nets to give their best performance of the post season tonight as the series moves to moves to New Jersey.
STATUS OF PREDICTION: Looks pretty safe, series could end on Sunday with a Miami sweep

PREDICTION: The Detroit Pistons will beat the Philadelphia 76ers.
REALITY: The Pistons have really taken it to the 76ers in the first two games of the series, winning by an average of 18 points. The 76ers are up against the ropes and the Pistons are coming with the knock-out punch.
STATUS OF PREDICTION: Looks pretty safe with another possibility of a sweep.

PREDICTION: The Indiana Pacers would upset the Boston Celtics.
REALITY: After getting spanked by Boston in the first game of the series, the Pacers came back to take the second game and steal home court advantage. Injuries are still a major concern for the Pacers as they go into game three tonight.
STATUS OF PREDICTION: Still up in the air. With the series tied at one game each tonight’s game is huge.

PREDICTION: The Washington Wizards will beat the Chicago Bulls.
REALITY: Chicago’s depth has been a huge advantage in this series. The Bulls are out to a 2-0 lead and it doesn’t seem like they are going to lose momentum. Washington has got to win the next to games at home to have any hope of a comeback.
STATUS OF PREDICTION: Could go down in flames with a possible Chicago sweep.

PREDICTION: The Phoenix Suns will beat the Memphis Grizzlies.
REALITY: We actually predicted a sweep here and despite strong performances in the first two games the Grizzlies trail the Suns 2-0.
STATUS OF PREDICTION: Solid. This is just a mismatch, the Grizzlies are a good team but they don’t have the talent to keep up with the Suns.

PREDICTION: The San Antonio Spurs would beat the Denver Nuggets.
REALITY: Denver upset San Antonio in the first game but could not keep their intensity in the second game last night and the Spurs proved who the superior team is in a 104-76 rout.
STATUS OF PREDICTION: Solid. The Spurs proved their superiority last night and could wrap up the series in five games.

PREDICTION: The Seattle Sonics will beat the Sacramento Kings.
REALITY: The Sonics own a 2-0 lead in this series and have out hustled and out played the struggling Kings. I don’t expect a sweep here with the series moving to Sacramento, but I don’t see it going seven games either.
STATUS OF PREDICTION: Looks pretty safe even though the Kings are bound to win at least one game on their home floor.

PREDICTION: The Dallas Mavericks will beat the Houston Rockets.
REALITY: Houston owns two 12 point victories over Dallas and the Mavericks are struggling to make baskets.
STATUS OF PREDICTION: Could go down in flames. With the series moving to Houston it could be over Saturday. Tonight’s game is Dallas’ chance to save their season.