Thursday, July 09, 2009

What The Missing LeBron Dunk Could Have Looked Like

So at LeBron James’ “Skills Academy” Xavier sophomore Jordan Crawford executed a nasty throw down on the King himself. Crawford and witnesses to the spectacle have spoken about his rim rocking of Bron Bron but unfortunately there is no video evidence. In what has become typical childish behavior LeBron James had every bit of video evidence destroyed. Now we can only guess what it could have looked like, which frankly is more fun.

Maybe it was the, “Hey, you’re wearing Fruit of the Loom” dunk.

Could it have been the, “I own you” dunk?

Maybe it was the, “Your face doesn’t belong on my poster!” dunk.

Regardless you get the feeling that Lebron wants you to think that it was more like this.

Hiding behind Nike policy LeBron doesn’t want to look foolish in front of millions as that dunk would have surely been an internet hit if the video got out. However, by robbing a kid of his glory and failing to give him the proper credit James could be doing un-repairable damage and causing the legend of “the dunk” to grow beyond measure.