Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When You Don’t Exactly Know How To Say It

The worst thing about having friends is trying to find just the right way to say “Happy Birthday.” Okay, yes, I do realize how corny that sounds but it is the truth. You don’t want to sound too silly, you don’t want to come across like you are more into the friendship than you really are and you don’t want to sound to vague or distant either. You just want to say “Happy Birthday” and not have the process be so difficult.

You most likely have a lot of friends with each of them being unique in one way or another. That means several unique ways of expressing best wishes on their special day which leaves you with two options. 1) Make a trip to the store for each birthday which means several opportunities to get acquainted with the person behind the cash register. 2) Order birthday card packs and save both time and money.

With a birthday card pack you literally have an assortment of ways to express your best wishes to your pals. With cards like the one in the photo above and many others you can’t go wrong. I’m a simple guy and prefer a simple message like “Wishing You a Wonderful Day” which is found inside the card in the photo.

Once you realize how much money you’ll save over buying them at the store one at a time you’ll want to go find a thank you card and send it to me.