Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Insurance, The Necessary Evil

Yes, I know that insurance isn’t really evil but when your bill comes around every month you may not be real happy with whichever company your coverage is with. Insurance is something that we all have to have but really hope that we never have to use. However, if the occasion arises where it is needed then we are glad to have it. The question though is the pay off worth the amount of the premiums you have paid in?

Because of the rising cost of auto insurance, particularly Motorbike Insurance, it is important that you shop yours around at least once a year. If you sign a six or twelve month agreement, or even a month-by-month agreement for that matter, let you agent or company know that you have full intentions to compare prices against other companies before you renew and then let them know how they stack up when you find rates that are competitive to what you are currently paying. By doing this you’ll find that your current insurance agent will be less willing to raise premiums and also may give you additional perks, like discounts, for renewing with them.

There are sites out there that help make the process of comparing insurance quotes a much more simple process. Click on the above link for an example of what I’m talking about. In just a few clicks you could have the quotes from some of the major companies on your screen.