Sunday, July 16, 2006

Notre Dame Q&A with Eric Hansen

We’re stepping out of the Big 12 for a college football Q&A. Eric Hansen of the South Bend Tribune stopped by for a short Notre Dame football Q&A.

My Opinion on Sports: Brady Quinn is getting a lot of Heisman publicity, and rightfully so, who are your top three candidates? If they all stay healthy who wins it?

Eric Hansen: I go into every season with an open mind. If I was pressed to pick, I would say Quinn, Adrian Peterson, Teddy Ginn Jr.

My Opinion on Sports: Athlon is picking Oklahoma and Notre Dame to play for the BCS National Championship. What are your thoughts on that?

Eric Hansen: I think that's a reasonable guess. I think every team is flawed this season. That being said, two of the best coaches in the country -- Weis and Stoops -- figure to be able to camouflage their flaws the best.

My Opinion on Sports: The Irish had a great offense last season. Other than Quinn who is going to lead the offensive charge this season?

Eric Hansen: The easier question is who isn't? Jeff Samardzija, Rhema McKnight, Darius Walker and a freshman named Konrad Reuland are players to watch. Ryan Harris is the best of a strong group of offensive linemen.

My Opinion on Sports: What have the Irish done to improve their defense from last season?

Eric Hansen: Weis spent some time with Carolina Panthers coach John Fox and his staff, they've tweaked the scheme, they're more experienced and they've recruited some good speed.

My Opinion on Sports: Do you ever see Notre Dame joining a conference or will they forever remain an independent?

Eric Hansen: Never say never, but unless the Big East -- where most of their sports play -- implodes, they aren't going anywhere.

My Opinion on Sports: Give us your pre-season Top 10.

Eric Hansen: 1. Ohio State, 2. Notre Dame, 3. Oklahoma, 4. West Virginia, 6. Auburn, 7. Texas, 8. USC, 9. LSU, 10. Georgia

Thanks a lot for your time Eric. I really appreciate it. You can read more of Eric Hansen in the sports section of the South Bend Tribune.

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