Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Blogging the NFL – Super Bowl

Stop by here and post your Super Bowl predictions. If you have been in the play-offs contest with us then you are picking for pride unless your screen name is true2osu to which we simply must say congrats.

If you have not been a part of the play-offs contest then go ahead and show us what you are made of anyway.
No Dirt from the Super Bowl
So far there has been no dirt come from the Super Bowl interviews. No trash talking or name calling, nothing but a bunch of respect for the other team. Who do these guys think they are? Where are Jerramy and Joey Porter when you need them?

Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison both enjoyed long visits with the media on Tuesday.

Singletary is a Legit Candidate for Cowboys
Who knows what Jerry Jones is thinking when it comes to hiring a new head coach but I do know two things for certain. First, there will not be an announcement today introducing a new coach like some media outlets suggest. Secondly, Mike Singletary is a legitimate candidate.

There was speculation that the former Chicago Bears All-Pro was getting the required “minority” interview but simple logic tells you that you don’t meet with a guy for seven hours as a courtesy.

Niners/Raiders to Build Stadium Together?
The San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders are considering building a joint stadium in Santa Clara. 49ers owner John York met with Raiders management about the possibility late in the season.

The Raiders current lease in Oakland expires in four years, near the time the 49ers hope to have their new stadium built.
Your Super Bowl Winner Is
Da Bears - 27-21

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

You Do Realize It Was a Horse, Right?

I realize that I am treading dangerous waters here with this subject but I am amazed at the reactions to the death of Barbaro. I really don’t want to sound cruel or cold hearted because the injury and the subsequent euthanization of the potentially great race horse was tragic. However, sending get well cards and roses, along with e-mails all to the horse as well as holding candle light services is a bit much for me.

Do you have any idea how many animals are euthanized in America every day? I don’t either but it’s a lot! If you’re going to send well wishes via cards and e-mails then send them to Mr. & Mrs. Jackson who lost their cash cow, err… horse. Barbaro’s career earned $2,302,200.00.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Here We Go Again

Last off season we had to sit through the Brett Favre drama as he decided whether to come back for another season or retire. It seems like we are back at it once again! After initially saying that a decision would come within weeks of the end of the season now the future Hall-of-Famer is saying that he may have jumped the gun with that announcement.

Favre indicated in an interview last week that when it comes to retirement he is still very much up in the air. "I don't know if I'll ever know for sure (whether it's time to retire)," Favre said Tuesday. "I've been off three weeks now, and I'm just trying to get as far away from it as I can."

"I don't really (have a timetable)," Favre said. "I probably jumped the gun a little when I said that."

Admittedly he doesn’t want to drag it out as long as last year but it will still drag out. Free Agency begins March 2 so don’t expect a decision until sometime around then.

Listen Up Boston!

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Game Week

Today officially marks the beginning of Super Bowl game week. The media fest that will invade Miami is bound to bring us the latest videos, quotes and photos. It will be interesting to find the stories within the stories as the week and the hype machine progress.

Here are two I’m looking at, the quarterbacks. Peyton Manning finally reaches the big game while Rex Grossman attempts to prove that he deserves to play on a championship caliber team.

Should be a fun week!

Friday, January 26, 2007

NCAA Basketball Threads

With the Super Bowl next weekend football finally takes a backseat to basketball this weekend. Finally NCAA basketball will be on center stage! So who are you watching? Which conference is the strongest and which is the weakest this season. Who in the top 25 is over-rated and who is the most dominant player in the country.

The forum needs basketball threads so if you are a fan come on over and start one.

Use the Internet to Save on Shopping

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Dangerous Sports – Soccer

The problem with soccer is that the people who follow it closely are freaks and I mean that in the best possible way. Keep in mind that the definition of a freak is an ardent enthusiast. When things don’t go right the fans, players, officials and even mascots are known to riot. However, no one ever expected to see Mother Nature voice displeasure over a match.

Check out this Video

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Check Out Chad

As a member of BlogExplosion I am able to “rent” out My Opinion on Sports to other blogs for credits. I then turn around and use those credits to participate in the Battle of the Blogs. It’s a sick addiction that brings traffic to the site and keeps me up late at night.

I usually don’t comment very often on my renters but occasionally I come across one that is sports related and I feel like I really should pass it on to other sports nuts that are out there.

That’s where Chad Cramling and his baseball blog come in. With the season just around the corner Chad Gramling’s Baseball Blog is the ultimate baseball fan’s guide.

Vacation Time

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Blogging the NFL

Coaching Carousel not Over
For a short time last week all the vacant head coaching jobs in the NFL were filled. Then Bill Parcells decided to ride off into the sunset of retirement and he may not be the only one. Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy will spend some time contemplating his future after the Super Bowl. Dungy is 51 now and had stated in the past that he didn’t want to coach past the age of 50. If the Colts win it would provide an opportunity for Dungy to make a grand exit.

Who Went Where?
Here’s the rundown on the current NFL head coaching changes.
Arizona Cardinals -- Dennis Green, fired (Jan. 1); Ken Whisenhunt (Jan. 14).
Atlanta Falcons -- Jim Mora, fired (Jan. 1); Bobby Petrino (Jan. 7).
Dallas Cowboys -- Bill Parcells, retired (Jan. 22).
Miami Dolphins -- Nick Saban, resigned (Jan. 3); Cam Cameron (Jan. 19).
Oakland Raiders -- Art Shell, fired (Jan. 4); Lane Kiffin (Jan. 22).
Pittsburgh Steelers -- Bill Cowher, resigned (Jan. 5); Mike Tomlin (Jan. 22).

What are the Cowboys doing with Jason Garrett?
Jerry Jones is interviewing Miami Dolphins quarterbacks coach Jason Garrett but for what no one is really sure. The general thought is that he will be offered the offensive coordinator position but there are also rumors that he actually interviewed for the head coaching position. Whatever the reason for the interview a decision needs to be made quickly. The Dolphins have given Garrett a deadline of today for signing his contract extension with them.

Owens Happy

Here’s a shocker. Terrell Owens was happy to see Bill Parcells walk out the door. Owens said in an interview yesterday on ESPN radio that he felt that he was under used in the Cowboys offense and that he and Parcells would go weeks without talking. T.O. led the league in touchdown receptions and possibly could have been more utilized had he not also led the league in dropped passes.

true2osu runs away with the NFL play-offs contest
The Super Bowl is still over a week away but we have a winner in the play-offs contest. True2osu has been on fire with play-off picks and has established a large enough lead to be declared the winner. However, you still have to wait until after the Super Bowl to collect your prize. The rest of us are playing for pride.

Contest Standings

NameConference Championship PicksSuper Bowl PickSleeper PickTotal Points
true2osu2-0Philadelphia#4 New England178
notafan2-0Philadelphia#3 Philadelphia133
ffnstuff1-1San Diego#5 NY Jets120
dolphinfan1-1San Diego#4 New England118
rob1-1San Diego#2 Baltimore103
Matt Jordan1-1New Orleans#5 NY Jets100
chiefsfanN/ABaltimore#6 NY Giants70
KennyN/ASan Diego#2 Baltimore40

Time to Fess Up Reggie

Reggie Bush you have been busted. You’ve been caught with your hand in the cookie jar or caught with your hand in the cookie jar or however else you want to phrase it. The whole world knows that you received improper benefits while at USC. You tried to play it cool and denied any wrong doing when Yahoo Sports broke their story on your arrangement with Michael Michaels and Lloyd Lake last spring but the problem just isn’t going away.

Here’s the deal Reggie. No one believed you! Well, no one outside of Southern California. Now it turns out that you were actually recorded saying that you had intentions to repay the New Era Sports financiers "their money," as well as for a car that was purchased for you.

Its confession time Reggie! The estimates are that you received around $280,000 in cash, a car and rent for you and your family. Why don’t you let us know how close the nice sports reporters from Yahoo are? Dude, you didn’t get taken down by ESPN, CBS or FOX it was Yahoo.

Now that you are a professional a confession would go a long way because right now people don’t really care about your college career anymore. You were a vital part of this season’s Cinderella story in the NFL. I picked the Bears to win Sunday but was pulling for your Saints.

Your national popularity has never been higher than what it is right now and can stay that way if you would just be honest about what happened and what you received. People really don’t like being lied to. Just ask Nick Saban.
Post your comments on this article on the My Opinion on Sports message board in forum.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Don’t Forget it This Year

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Hey guys this is your friendly reminder that Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away. Let’s be honest we are great when it comes to remembering the starting lineups for just about every MLB team but are horrible at remembering Valentine’s Day. We’ll spend weeks planning our Super Bowl parties and minutes, last minutes that is, searching for Valentines Gifts.

It doesn’t have to be that way this year. Take the initiative, plan ahead and be prepared for once. Oh yeah, make it as simple as possible as well. Finding the perfect Valentines Day Gifts really doesn’t get any easier than this. Check it out and take care of your Valentine early for once.

Dolphins Find Their Man

(Disclaimer: I realize that this isn’t exactly breaking news to the rest of the world but it is to me because I’ve been out of the country for five days.)

Okay, I have to be honest. This one is going to have to grow on me. The Miami Dolphins have hired Cam Cameron as their new head coach. After all the interviews, 13 candidates, Cameron is who they settled for.

I’ve got nothing personal against this decision I’m just wondering why Miami couldn’t have done better. We are talking about 13 candidates here surely one of them had a winning record as a college head coach. Cameron was 18 – 37 at Indiana but then again it was Indiana.

Cameron is an offensive genius which is what Miami needs more than anything else at this point. Dom Capers will have the defense in great shape and Cameron proved in San Diego that he is capable of producing a high power offense but then again he did have LaDainian Tomlinson.

Time will tell if hiring Cameron was a good move of not for the Dolphins. I wish him the best and nothing but success in Miami. Could someone please tell me how many pennies I need to throw in the well for that wish to come true?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

America’s Fastest Growing Sport?

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I’ve mentioned UFC a few times here on my blog and am admittedly am a big fan. I watch it on Spike Television anytime I get the chance and pay out the bucks for it on pay-per-view. It’s possibly one of the fastest growing sports in the country, better yet the world. Now I have found the perfect place to talk about it, MMA forums.

It’s a great site with lots of interaction and check this out, they even have a fantasy league set up that offers a $500.00 prize for the first season of play.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Leave the Blog in Your Hands

I’m on a plane first thing in the morning for a trip to Panama. I’ll be gone over the weekend which means I’ll miss the conference championship games and some pretty good college basketball. There’s always boxing and soccer in Panama for my sports fix.

So, until Tuesday I leave the blog to you, the reader. There is plenty you can do to entertain yourself why I am gone. Leave a quick note in the chatterbox and tell us why we should look at your blog. Start a game thread or better yet some really good sports rumors in the forum. Here’s where you register. Don’t worry it’s free.

I’ll be checking in if I can find internet access so keep me informed on what’s going on with American sports.

Blogging the NFL – Conference Championships

Hit of the Week
Kudos go out to Reggie Bush and the New Orleans Saints for reaching the NFC Championship Game but Bush paid the price to get there. After getting absolutely smoked by the Eagles’ Sheldon Brown Bush bounced back to rush for 52 yards and a touchdown.

Contest Standings

NameSecond Round PicksSuper Bowl PickSleeper PickTotal Points
true2osu3-1Philadelphia#4 New England118
ffnstuff3-1San Diego#5 NY Jets90
dolphinfan2-2San Diego#4 New England88
notafan1-3Philadelphia#3 Philadelphia73
rob1-3San Diego#2 Baltimore73
Matt Jordan1-3New Orleans#5 NY Jets70
chiefsfan2-2Baltimore#6 NY Giants70
KennyN/ASan Diego#2 Baltimore40

true2osu keeps the lead after the second round but Matt Jordan still has a Super Bowl pick alive and could have been in control of the contest had his picks come through. Two people, including myself, still have sleeper picks alive. Conference Championship Games are worth 30 points each. Make your picks here!

You’ve Got to Be Kidding
All the names of the five finalists for the Miami Dolphins coaching job have been released and there is a shocker as well as a possible exception. The shocker is that former Alabama coach Mike Shula was not only interviewed but remains a candidate.

My initial thought was that he was interviewed as a favor to his dad who still has a lot of pull in the organization. Obviously the legend is endorsing is son but so is Dan Marino. Having two hall-of-famers in his corner is enough to make him a finalist.

While I have tons of respect for the Shula family and don’t think that Mike was given a fair shake at Alabama I don’t see him being the answer in Miami. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing him as the offensive coordinator.

The other four candidates are former Atlanta Falcons head coach Jim Mora, Georgia Tech coach Chan Gailey, Dolphins defensive coordinator Dom Capers and San Diego offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.

The exception is current San Diego Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer who could become an immediate candidate should he be fired by the Chargers. I say go ahead and interview him but do we really want a head coach who hasn’t won a play-off game in twenty years?

Should the Chargers let Schottenheimer go it would eliminate Cam Cameron as a Candidate as he would be the most likely choice for the Chargers. It also may be the reason why Marty's son, Brian, withdrew his name from the Dolphins.

Conference Championship Winners
NFC - New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears – Bears
AFC - New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts – Patriots

Pistons Mixing it Up

The Detroit Pistons signed Chris Webber yesterday bringing the former Wolverine back to the state of Michigan and hoping he can provide the spark the Pistons need to return to the NBA Finals.

However, Detroit may not be finished yet. Reports are that they are looking to acquire a perimeter player who can play both guard positions. Any of the “big men” who are not starters are on the trading block which includes Nazr Mohammed, Antonio McDyess, Dale Davis and Jason Maxiell.

The Pistons have talked with the Minnesota Timberwolves about point guard Marko Jaric but they have also spoken to the Toronto Raptors about forward Morris Peterson and the Houston Rockets about Bonzi Wells. The reports are that the Pistons will execute a trade by the end of the week.

Other NBA Rumors
The Golden State Warriors have several players available for trades, including Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy and Jason Richardson.

A general manager recently contacted the New Jersey Nets about rumors the team might trade forward Vince Carter. The Nets responded by asking if there was any interest, instead, in Jason Kidd. The conversation transpired before reports of Kidd's marriage problems.

Could that GM have been from the Timberwolves or possibly Seattle? Another report says that the Nets are looking to deal for SuperSonics guard Ray Allen and Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Garnett.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Heaven on Earth

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Is there such a place as a perfect paradise? There certainly are plenty of options and Dubai is quickly becoming one of them. It has all the makings of paradise including weather, entertainment, shopping and luxury accommodations.

With tourism on the rise since 2000 the country is going through a property boom making places like the Palm Dubai an investors dream.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Dolphins Heading Across the Pond in 07

The Miami Dolphins will make NFL history this year when they play as the home team in the NFL’s first regular season game outside of North America.

Wembley Stadium is the most likely place to host the game but Miami’s opponent is still undecided. The New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills are the two possible opponents for the Dolphins with the Giants possibly being the most coveted.

Honestly I don’t see how any good can come out of this. It robs the season ticket holders of a game. It robs the Dolphins of home field advantage and with all the travel involved it could cost Miami the following week unless it was followed up with their bye.

Over the next 16 seasons, each of the NFL’s 32 teams will participate in a regular season game outside the United States.

Coaching Search Narrowed Down
The Dolphins have also narrowed down the coaching search to five candidates and while we don’t know all five names a few of them did leak out.

Georgia Tech head coach Chan Gailey, former Atlanta Falcons head coach Jim Mora Jr. and New York Jets defensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer are all being brought back for a second interview.

Who knows who candidates number four and five are but one of them could be current Miami defensive coordinator Dom Capers who just signed a new three-year contract over the weekend.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Seahawks/Bears Game Thread

Weather Forecast
Occasional light sleet...light snow and a chance of very light freezing drizzle late in the morning...then occasional light rain... drizzle...sleet with possible snow and freezing rain in the afternoon. Little or no new snow and sleet accumulation. Temperatures nearly steady in the lower 30s. Northeast winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of measurable precipitation 100 percent.

Sounds like Chicago Bears weather to me. The Seahawks are going to have to pass the ball in order to beat Chicago. I don’t think they’ll be able to do that with consistency. I’ll take the Bears to win.

If you are watching the game then come on over to the forum and talk with us about it.

Civil Engineers Listen Up!

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Submitting your resume is quick, easy and confidential.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Eagles/Saints Preview

Offensive Chart
TeamPts/GPass Yds/GRush Yds/G

Defensive Chart
TeamPts/GPass Yds/GRush Yds/G

Passing Leaders
EaglesDonovan McNabb1803162647186
EaglesJeff Garcia1161881309102
SaintsDrew Brees35655444182611

Rushing Leaders
EaglesBrian Westbrook240121781.17
SaintsDeuce McAllister244105770.510
SaintsReggie Bush1555655656

Receiving Leaders
EaglesReggie Brown46826518
EaglesDonte’ Stallworth3872581.95
SaintsMarques Colston10103874.18
SaintsDevery Henderson3274557.35

Defensive Leaders
EaglesJeremiah Trotter8801
EaglesBrian Dawkins7614
SaintsScott Shanle7440
SaintsScott Fujita643.52

The city of New Orleans is hungry for this game and the Super Dome will be crazy. I’ve had the pleasure to witness a game there in person and I can tell you that it will be deafening. The problem for the Eagles will be their inability to stop the run. I’ll take the Saints.

Are you watching the play-offs? Come talk about it with us!

Colts/Ravens Preview

Offensive Chart
TeamPts/GPass Yds/GRush Yds/G

Defensive Chart
TeamPts/GPass Yds/GRush Yds/G

Passing Leaders
ColtsPeyton Manning3625574397319
RavensSteve McNair29546830501612
RavensKyle Boller335548552

Rushing Leaders
ColtsJoseph Addai226108167.67
ColtsDominic Rhodes18764140.15
RavensJamal Lewis314113270.89

Receiving Leaders
ColtsMarvin Harrison95136685.412
ColtsReggie Wayne86131081.99
RavensMark Clayton6793958.75
RavensTodd Heap7376547.86

Defensive Leaders
ColtsCato June9613
ColtsGary Brackett8700
RavensRay Lewis8052
RavensBart Scott789.52

Overcast with rain showers at times. Low 49F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 60%.

The cold weather and rain won’t be good for the Colts offense. Neither will the Ravens defense. Look for Baltimore to try to grind it out against the Colts. I’ll take the Ravens to win.

If you are watching the game come on over to the forum and talk about it with us.

Looking for a Deal?

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Find the best deals from places like, and all on the same site. It’s the perfect site for any shopper who is looking to find that perfect deal.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Dangerous Sports

I’m a big fan of Kick Boxing/Mixed Marshal Arts fighting. I love to see knock-outs, thus my passion for boxing and Ultimate Fighting. Very seldom do you see an injury as gruesome as this one in those sports. While I’ve seen my fair share of broken bones this one takes the cake, earning a spot on Dangerous Sports.

The Most Unlucky Man in Baseball

Sometimes Barry Bonds acts like a three year old! No, I’m not talking about the way he addresses the media or treats his own teammates at times. I’m talking about the way he just finds things laying around the club house and either rubs it on his body or swallows it without even knowing what it is.

It seems that Bonds is once again in the news for testing positive for a banned sustenance. As it turns out, according to Bonds, he found some pills in teammate Mark Sweeney’s locker and swallowed them. Unfortunately for Barry those pills were “greenies” also known as amphetamines.

Darn the luck! It seems as if Bond’s photo should be found next to the word gullible in the dictionary.

He unknowingly accepted and consumed designer steroids, for which his best friend is now in prison.

He unknowingly entered into a business arrangement with the founder of a laboratory that provided designer steroids to numbers of athletes.

And he unknowingly – so the story goes – secured a bottle of something from a teammate's locker and swallowed its contents.

It’s a good thing that he has the love and support of the San Francisco Giants organization who understand his knack of mistaking drugs for candy and drug dealers for honest businessmen. Oh wait! That contract hasn’t been signed yet.

How Secure is Your Home?

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Most people get a home security system for the peace of mind. Knowing that your personal property is not only protected but also monitored from intruders provides an invaluable sense of security.

When it comes to home protection services one of America’s leading companies is ADT. Not only can their systems be found in over seven million homes across the nation but according to their website they also protect 90% of the Fortune 500 Companies, 80% of top US retailers, 50% of top US banks and over 100 US airports.

While there is no actual way to validate their stats you can walk outside and see their protection signs on houses and businesses all over the community you live in. However, intruder prevention isn’t ADT’s only field of expertise. They also offer 24-hour fire protection as their system serves the dual purpose as a burglar/fire alarm.

However, probably the most important factor in choosing your protection service is price and you just can’t beat free and right now ADT Home Security Systems are at a great price, FREE.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The 50,000 Barrier

At some point today My Opinion on Sports will receive visitor number 50,000. This is a great mark for me that I am proud of and I would like to thank each of my readers for frequenting this blog, posting your comments, participating in the contest, joining the forum and most importantly leaving your opinions.

Blogging the NFL – Divisional Play-Offs

Coaching Carousel
Some way some how Tom Coughlin survived this season as the New York Giants head coach despite finishing the season 2-7. In fact the Giants gave Coughlin a one year extension through 2008. Is this an example of blind faith?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are reportedly very close to hiring their next head coach. In fact rumors are flying that there will be an announcement as early as tomorrow. Longtime assistant Russ Grimm has been speculated to be the leading candidate.

Who hasn’t interviewed for the Miami Dolphins head coaching position? No one can deny that Miami has done one of the most extensive searches of the off season. The number of interviewed candidates is up to 12 and the most recent big name to come up is Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

The plan is to narrow the list down to five and then two before making an offer to anyone.

The Arizona Cardinals appear to be focusing in on Houston Texans assistant head coach Mike Sherman. They are bringing the former Packers head coach in for his second interview but are also supposedly waiting to see what the Pittsburgh Steelers do with Russ Grimm and Ken Whisenhunt. I wouldn’t eliminate Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Norm Chow from the equation yet either.

The Oakland Raiders are rumored to be interested in former offensive coordinator Marc Trestman.

Browns Moving to the West Coast?
Offensively speaking of course. Cleveland is hot on the trail of former Atkanta Falcons offensive coordinator Greg Knapp who is a West Coast offensive guy.

Harrison Out Again for Pats
The New England Patriots will be out Rodney Harrison again this weekend when they travel to play against the San Diego Chargers. This will be the second consecutive play-off game the Patriots safety will miss with a sprained knee. At this point Harrison is looking like a very bad investment for New England.

Seattle has Jackson Back
Seattle will need to use every offensive weapon in their arsenal to upset the Chicago Bears and it appears they are close to getting there. Leading receiver Darrell Jackson has been upgraded to questionable for Sunday’s game.

Divisional Play-Off Winners
Indianapolis at Baltimore – Ravens
Philadelphia at New Orleans – Saints
Seattle at Chicago – Bears
New England at San Diego – Chargers
If you are registered for the NFL Play-Offs Contest don’t forget to make your picks before kick-off of the Colts/Ravens Game on Saturday. You can make your picks here!

The Tie Guy

Sponsored Post
You’ve surely head “rags to riches” stories before but how about the one about the guy who struck it rich accessorizing the riches rags?

I’m talking about Peter Belisi. At one point in his life he was struggling to make ends meet by supporting his family as a bartender. That is when a tie fetish sparked an idea that would forever change his life.

In an effort to emulate the high end clientele that patronized the Palm Beach bar where he worked Peter sank every extra penny into building a massive tie collection. He was known for never wearing the same tie twice. The comments he received made him aware of how much people take notice to the accessories people wear with their attire.

Through that, the Belisi brand was founded to and has earned a loyal following for high-end, quality ties, and most recently scarves and handbags.

Final Blog Poll

Rank Team (First Place Votes)
1 Florida (37)
2 Ohio State
4 Boise State (4)
5 Southern Cal
6 Louisville
7 Wisconsin
8 Michigan
9 Auburn
10 West Virginia
11 Oklahoma
12 Rutgers
13 Texas
14 California
15 Arkansas
16 Brigham Young
17 Wake Forest
18 Notre Dame
19 Boston College
20 Virginia Tech
21 Oregon State
22 TCU
23 Penn State
24 Georgia
25 Tennessee

Also Receiving Votes: Hawaii(2.2), Nebraska(0.3), Maryland(0.3), Georgia Tech(0.3), South Florida(0.3), South Carolina(0.1), Central Michigan(0.1), Texas A&M(0.1), Texas Tech(0.0), Florida State(0.0), Navy(0.0), Kentucky(0.0),

Total Ballots: 43

Here's How I Voted

Here's How Everyone Else Voted

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Not Buying the Pete Carroll Rumor

To this point the Dolphins have interviewed Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner, former Falcons coach Jim Mora, Georgia Tech coach Chan Gailey, Pittsburgh offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt and San Diego offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, whom they talked to Sunday.

However the most notable interview was conducted in Costa Rica over the weekend when Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga flew down to interview vacationing USC head coach Pete Carroll. I guess you don’t fly to Costa Rica if you are not really interested and you don’t give up vacation time if you don’t want to listen.

Carroll has done an outstanding job at USC but the thing that scares me as a Dolphins fan is that he has already coached in the NFL and in fact the AFC East. Carroll was a failure as the head coach of the New York Jets and the New England Patriots and for that reason I don’t see him leaving L.A. He’s a smart enough guy to know a good thing when he has it.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tony Romo Costs Me First Place in the Play-Offs Picks Contest

I would like to thank Tony Romo for costing me a perfect first round and first place in the standings. Your dropped snap on the field goal attempt was unacceptable! Of course I couldn’t do any better but I’m not the one suiting up, you are! Honorable mention goes to Terry Glenn for the horrible job he did in protecting the ball resulting in a fumble at the worst possible moment on the worst possible place on the field.

Dallas had that game wrapped up and yet they found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

NFL Play-Off Contest Standings

NameFirst Round PicksSuper Bowl PickSleeper PickTotal Points
true2osu4-0Philadelphia#4 New England54
notafan4-0Philadelphia#3 Philadelphia53
rob4-0San Diego#2 Baltimore53
dolphinfan3-1San Diego#4 New England44
Kenny3-1San Diego#2 Baltimore40
Matt Jordan3-1New Orleans#5 NY Jets40
chiefsfan2-2Baltimore#6 NY Giants30
ffnstuff2-2San Diego#5 NY Jets30

Post Season Blog Poll Ballot

Now that the bowl season is over here is my final ballot for the 2006 college football season.
1Florida 1
2Boise State 3
3Wisconsin 3
4LSU 4
5Ohio State 4
6Louisville 3
7Southern Cal 3
8Auburn 4
9West Virginia 5
10Michigan 7
11Oklahoma 7
12Texas 4
13Rutgers 5
14Notre Dame 7
15Brigham Young 4
16Maryland 4
17Virginia Tech 6
18Boston College 4
19Arkansas 6
20California 4
21Wake Forest 6
22TCU 3
23Penn State 3
24Nebraska 7
25Georgia Tech 2

Dropped Out: Tennessee (#21).

How can you not want a play-off after this bowl season? Boise State upsets Oklahoma and Florida totally wipes out Ohio State! Imagine the possibilities from this bowl season. Maybe one day!